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Current Location:India
Subject:An official India community for LJ
Time:01:49 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited

Greetings from LJ_India, the new official India community we’re piloting to connect all our India users.

We’re writing to invite you to take a first look at the Community as it’s launched and share your feedback. You’re, of course, under absolutely no obligation to join, but we’d be delighted if you did :)
Do join us at http://community.livejournal.com/lj_india/ and let's get this conversation started!

Cheers and thanks,


Team Blogworks for LiveJournal India

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Time:11:21 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Hi guys i have lived in chd all my life...but presently iam located in Oxford, doing my masters!!Its nice to be a part of this community !!Feel free to add me to your friends list and post comments on my journal..id loe hear from u all!!See your around!!
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Time:03:08 pm
Can anyone help me find the lyrics to "lathe di chadar"?

I only know a bit of it.

Lathe di chadar uthe se leti ranga maya aavo samne kolon di rus ki...

Teri Ma de lumbi lumbi gut de ve...

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Time:08:52 pm
Current Mood:jealousjealous
what do you guys do for entertainment?
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Subject:Hi there
Time:11:18 am
Hi this is Tanveer here. Presently staying in Noida. Spent quite a bit of my childhood in chd, though belong to ldh. Am an IT guy by profession and staying in the NCR with my wife.
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Subject:Outsourced to India
Time:10:22 am

DELMAR, N.Y. (Reuters) - Computer programmer Steve Relles has the poop on what to do when your job is outsourced to India.

Relles, one of a rising number of Americans seeking new opportunities as their work shifts to countries with cheaper labor, has spent the past year making his living scooping up dog droppings as the "Delmar Dog Butler."

"My parents paid for me to get a (degree) in math and now I am a pooper scooper," Relles, a 42-year-old married father of two told Reuters. "I can clean four to five yards in a hour if they are close together."

Relles, who lost his computer programming job about three years ago, got the idea of cleaning dog dirt from people's back yards from Mark Booth, a friend in Buffalo, New York.

Relles has over 100 clients who pay $10 each for a once-a-week cleaning of their yard.

Relles competes for business with another local company called "Scoopy Do." Similar outfits have sprung up across America, including Petbutler.net, which operates in Ohio.

In the United States, there are about 63 million dogs, each producing about 23 "presents" per week, which if left can be unsafe for children and pets.

Relles says his business is growing by word of mouth and that most of his clients are women who either don't have the time or desire to pick up the droppings.

"St. Bernard (dogs) are my favorite customers since they poop in large piles which are easy to find," Relles said.

His "scooper" is a converted ice scrapper duct-taped to a ski pole. He flicks the poop into a dust pan lined with a plastic bag, then loads the waste into a large garbage can which he takes to the dump when full.

"It sure beats computer programming because it's flexible, and I get to be outside," he said.
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Subject:For us--Indians
Time:04:55 pm

Something I found on the net, really nicee.  I know it's long but good.

Most of us left the Indian shores to come here.
We have bid our farewells with teary eyes to our mothers.
We hugged our fathers and left without turning back.
We silently took leave from that girl next door peeping from behind the curtain.

We all came here, some long time back and some recently.
We all were alone in the beginning.
We missed our mothers cooking.
We missed the idli chaats on the road side.
We missed those days when we gathered with friends at a tea stall and ordered tea with samosas.

We missed that girl, whom we used to see daily in the bus, who may have smiled at us, who may even have talked to us in that angelic voice, if only we had the courage to talk.

Most of us grew out of it over here. We all made new friends.
We all clung to each other. We watched countless movies.
We even learnt to cook and throw pot luck parties where we always played Antakshari.
We confess that we even smiled at those beautiful girls across the street.
We all took trips to India; some annually, some less frequently.
We all tracked the "sale" events at Sears and KMart.
We all went to Indian Grocery Stores, and bought Rice and Rotis.

Most of us got married. We, went back home, searching for the love of a good woman-some found it in the old acquaintances from across the bus-stands, some found it in their parent's choice. Some of us took a gamble and married the one looking closest to Aishwarya Rai.

Now what do we do? We all work in software, We go to the local temple to socialise, we attend movie screenings, and argue countless times that Honda Accord is better than Toyota Camry or vice versa. At times, late night before falling asleep we switch on the stereo and listen to that old Hindi melody which makes us remember the land that was ours. We recall the green grass, the muddy roads, the wet monsoons, the pretty girls that we never talked to.

We hear the words speaking to us from across the oceans:

A Mother who gave sour medicine to her son, because she wanted him to recover soon, who let her son move miles apart though the thought was tearing her apart, she let him go as she wanted him to be happy and successful, who hides her agony in telling others that her son is

A Father who understands his son's ambitions and the limitation and frustration he has to overcome of in India, who would not let his voice reveal that says I'll miss you son !, I love you but am unable to express the feeling.

A brother who would miss the brotherhood, though it had often been fights and not talking terms, who can deny the fact that a brother is still a brother, a friend, Who expected you to understand him as his, and when you didn't it upset but moving miles in distances has overlooked all minute failures.

A sister who would not have her adoring one to escort her to help her out of troublesome situations, who knows she has to send 'Rakhi' by post,who wishes he would turn up for her wedding, if not atleast to fondle her baby that longs for a MAMA's (Uncle's) love & affection.

A friend, who is left with mundane tasks, unable to exchange the chirpy jokes & comments, discuss various thoughts from family, friends, politics, & economics, who visits your home because he still remembers you not only on a day but everyday. Who would jump with joy on receiving a mail, who tries to keep himself free for all the days when his friend is coming back on a holiday.

The girl next door, who didn't know if she had to rejoice or not when she overheard that the boy next door is moving away, who silently takes it that he has a career and would wish for his best from afar, bids goodbye with a tear in her eye.

The girl at the bus-stop, who smiled at you and suddenly finds you no longer there, who changes her route only to avoid the void which seems to be there at the same bus-stop she had been once smiling.

The girl you are married to, unable to understand why she is being sent to a far off land, waiting for her man to send VISA papers, bearing the nagging question of neighbours and relatives asking when are you leaving India.

The girl you got engaged to, and is waiting for you to come back and tie the wedding knot, a social and emotional security, who anxiously waits for his telephone calls and greeting cards to reassure her that you will be back as her man.

The girl who never confessed her love for you, the girl you knew cared for you, missing & waiting for a word from you. If only you would come back and say that to her, who hums the song along with the radio, but the voice chokes and aches as she hears this song...
Ramayya vastavayya,Ramayya vastavayya,
Maine dil tujko diya, Maine dil tujko diya,
uss desh mai,tere pardesh mai ,
sone chandi ke badle mai bikthe hai dil,
iss gavoon mai dard ke chavon mai ,
pyar ke naam par hi dhadak the hai dil...
tu na aaye tho kya, bhool jaye tho kya,
pyar karke bhulana na aaya hame,
vahi se door se, tu bhi ye kehde kabhi,
maine dil tuj ko diya ......

Whatever our roles, it is only to say that we still love and care for you, wherever you are, you are still dear to us. We don't know what you have to go through, we only know we have love & wishes to give for you. You might have learnt or the circumstances might have taught you to handle emotions and that time and work are more important than feelings and their expressions but we are still in India and are still the same, waiting and wishing for those who moved away from India,

INDIA - a land of love, emotion & sentiments....

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Current Music:Captain Bhangre da...
Time:11:54 pm
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
Hey y'all!! Wake up ppl, no one posts here...oh well. So n e body seen Bride and Prejudice movie??? Justed wanted to share that it's real funny if u r in a mood of a laugh. But many ppl disliked it, it's true that it wasn't a great movie but hey good pass time.
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Subject:Great Post, Do read it.
Time:11:22 am
If you are from the city beautiful and you want to keep upto date regarding the information about the city plese feel free to post useful links and information.

News Paper - The Tribune - www.tribuneindia.com
News Paper - Indian Express - www.expressindia.com

Yellow Page - Chandigarh Yellow Page - http://whereincity.com/sitemap.html

Phone Directory - Punjab Phone Directory - http://www.punjab.bsnl.co.in/directory1.htm

TV - Doordarshan - http://www.ddinews.com/

Also feel free to add more helpful links.

Also if you are reading this post, I hope that you do add your comment, this group is the slowest group that I have ever seen.

Chandigarh is a great city, its the city beautiful, city of the young people, and when you look at the group feels like its the city of OLD people.

I dare you prove me wrong, and post a comment.
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Time:07:51 pm
Hey everyone, I don't live in Chandigarh but I'm very fond of it and that's why I joined this community. As I see there are not alot of memebers in here but hey we can still have fun chattin... Btw I'm Neha and I'm from Canada.
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